LED ceiling light

Use of light source: Energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low light attenuation LEDs are always used as light sources to ensure their long life, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and other characteristics.
Protection against electric shock level: Level II
Power supply type: Generally use external power supply
Light distribution types: narrow light (15°30°) and wide light (45°60°90°) optional, mainly related to the angle of the selected lens
Wiring method: terminal wiring
Installation location: indoors and high-end places.
led spot light
Typical modern genre lighting with no main light and no fixed scale
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Led Track light
LED track lights, strong directionality and high flexibility
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China LED ceiling lamp Supplier & Manufacturer-DEKINGLED

   DeKingLED is one of the leading professional LED ceiling lamp manufacturer & supplier in China. We offers a complete series of high quality  LED ceiling lamp for years.Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, agents are welcome to purchase in bulk with us

How to choose a ceiling lamp better?

  Dekingled teach you choosing a high-quality ceiling lamp requires comprehensive consideration of multiple aspects. Here are some key purchasing tips to help you make a better choice:
Material: Ceiling lamps made of high-quality aviation aluminum are preferred because this material has good resistance to stress, corrosion and cracking. The anodized lamp body is more durable and not easy to fade. At the same time, the mask recommends choosing a first-class acrylic diffuser with strong light transmittance and uniform light color.

Lamp bead quality: Lamp beads are the core of LED ceiling lamps. It is crucial to choose lamp bead chips produced by well-known brands because they directly affect the lighting effect, life and heat dissipation. Pay attention to the packaging process of lamp beads. Good packaging can ensure the quality and long-term performance of lamp beads.

Brightness and color rendering: To check the brightness stability of LED lamps, you can put white paper 5 cm from the head of the lamp cup to observe the consistency of light color. At the same time, choose lamps with a CRI value (color rendering index) of more than 80 to ensure high color reproduction and natural lighting effect.
Drive power supply (transformer): The quality of the transformer directly affects the life and stability of the lamp. Choose a driver power supply equipped with a highly intelligent IC chip control circuit, which has open circuit, short circuit, overvoltage, and overload automatic protection functions to ensure constant current output and extend service life.

Heat dissipation performance: Good heat dissipation design is the key to the longevity of LED lamps. Pay attention to the thickness and design of the radiator when purchasing. Multi-channel heat dissipation can effectively reduce the operating temperature and extend the life of the bulb. Products with thick radiators and good heat dissipation are more recommended.

Energy-saving performance: Check the energy efficiency label or product specifications of the lamp, and choose products with high energy efficiency, which are both environmentally friendly and economical.
Safety standards: Make sure that the products you purchase meet national safety standards, and avoid purchasing light strips with screen flicker or high voltage to ensure safe use.

What are the application advantages of ceiling lamps?

  Considering the needs of users, this ceiling lamp is designed with a simple installation structure. It does not require complicated tools and can be easily installed in a few steps. Even DIY novices can easily get started. At the same time, it strictly follows national safety standards and multiple protection measures to ensure the safety of electricity use, so that you and your family can enjoy a beautiful light environment without any worries.


  In this era of pursuing quality and individuality, a good ceiling lamp is enough to make every corner of the home emit a different brilliance. Choosing this smart ceiling lamp is not only an improvement in the quality of life, but also a deep confession of home. Let the warm light accompany you through every memorable moment and open a new chapter of smart life. Embrace this gift of light immediately, so that the warmth and beauty of home will never be absent.

Precautions for installing ceiling lamps

1. The two wire ends connected to the power supply line of the ceiling lamp should have good electrical contact and should be wrapped with black tape respectively and kept at a certain distance. If possible, try not to put the two wire ends under the same metal sheet to avoid short circuit and danger.

2. If the ceiling lamp uses a screw-type lamp holder, the following two points should be noted when wiring:

(1) The phase line should be connected to the terminal of the center contact, and the neutral line should be connected to the threaded terminal;

(2) The insulating shell of the lamp holder should not be damaged or leak electricity to prevent electric shock when replacing the bulb.

3. Rooms with high floors or vibrating ceilings are suitable for installing ceiling lamps. When installing ceiling lamps in masonry structures, embedded bolts should be used, or expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs should be used for fixing; wooden wedges should not be used. And the load-bearing capacity of the above-mentioned fixings should match the weight of the ceiling lamp. To ensure that the ceiling lamp is fixed firmly and reliably, and to extend its service life.

4. When using expansion bolts for fixing, the bolt specifications should be selected according to the technical requirements of the product, and the drilling diameter and buried depth should be consistent with the bolt specifications.

5. Educate children not to throw balloons and other objects at lamps indoors to prevent the decorations hanging on the lamps from falling and injuring people or affecting the decorative effect of the lamps. When installing, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the connection between the lamp and the installation. The connection must be able to withstand a weight equivalent to 4 times the weight of the lamp without deformation.

6. The clearance height of the ceiling lamp is very small, and its effect is like a group attached to the ceiling. For spaces with low floor heights, thinner lamps can be selected; for spaces with high floor heights, cylindrical lamps with a certain height should be selected. For some rooms with larger areas, you can also choose a unified and varied ceiling lamp design and assembly, which will produce a new light environment artistic effect.

7. Ceiling lamps cannot be installed directly on flammable objects. Some families use painted plywood to line the back of the ceiling lamp for beauty. In fact, this is very dangerous and heat insulation measures must be taken; if the high-temperature part of the lamp surface is close to flammable objects, heat insulation or heat dissipation measures must also be taken.

8. Before installing the ceiling lamp, the following should also be checked:
(1) The cross-section of the wire core of each lamp should not be less than 0.4mm2 for copper core soft wire and 0.5mm2 for copper core, otherwise the lead wire must be replaced.
(2) The connection between the wire and the lamp holder and the connection between the parallel wires of the lamp holders should be firm and the electrical contact should be good to avoid sparks between the wire and the terminal due to poor contact, which may cause danger.

9. For ceiling lamps equipped with incandescent bulbs, the bulb should not be close to the lampshade; the power of the bulb should also be selected according to the product technical requirements and should not be too large to avoid the bulb temperature being too high and the glass cover breaking and splashing down to injure people.

10. The number of bolts for fixing the lamp holder should not be less than the number of fixing holes on the lamp base, and the bolt diameter should match the hole diameter; for lamps without fixed mounting holes on the base (drill holes by yourself during installation), each lamp should be fixed with no less than 2 bolts or screws, and the center of gravity of the lamp should coincide with the center of gravity of the bolts or screws; only when the diameter of the insulating platform is 75mm or less, can one bolt or screw be used for fixing.

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